Organic Fertilizer - Chicken manure compost

Organic Fertilizer - Chicken manure compost

Our Compost is produced of solely Organic raw materials.

Compost application improves physical structure of the soil, which in turn promotes root development and improves plant’s stress resistance. Improving physical properties of the soil means that plant acquires nutrients and water from the soil with more ease. By adding compost one adds organic matter, beneficial microorganisms, nutrients and microelements. All of the mentioned above is the basis for long term soil fertility and plant’s successful development. Besides the fact that compost enriches soil with nutrients and microelements, compost also has a unique trait in contrast with chemical fertilizer:

  • Improves soil structurally
  • Enriches soil with beneficial microorganisms.

By using compost one is promoting plants’ growth and bigger yields, which in turn are the result of plant available nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other useful substances present in compost. Furthermore, in contrast with chemical fertilizers, compost has a long term effect and has an abundance of beneficial microorganisms.

By applying compost, one is utilizing nature’s maximal potential.

Benefits of Using Compost

Application Instructions